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Attractions more than 3 hours’ drive from Milan


Siena is more than three hours away from Milan by car, but is an ideal place to visit for a few days to break up your holiday if you hire a car.

One of the first places to visit once you’ve parked your hire car is the Piazza del Campo, or Il Campo, where the Terza di Camollia, Terza di San Martino and Terza di Città areas of Siena converge.

The Piazza del Campo is most famous for being the location for the Palio, a bareback horse race which is held during festival weeks twice a year (in July and August). Jockeys riding horses representing Siena’s contrade (or wards) compete in the races, and the prize is a banner known as a palio, on which the image of the Virgin Mary is painted. The Piazza del Campo is packed during the Palio, so get there early. You could try to book a place at a window of one of the shops that line the piazza – you’ll need to book this well in advance of your holiday, and tickets are expensive, but you should be able to get a list of building owners selling them from the Siena tourist office.

If you aren’t in Siena for the Palio, there is still plenty to see in the Piazza del Campo and you can sit and enjoy a snack in one of its cafes whilst soaking in the atmosphere or browse in the shops. The Fonte Gaia (Fountain of Joy) in the square is only a 19th century replica of Jacobo della Quercia’s 15th century work – the original is being restored in the Santa Maria della Scala Museum.

However, you can see the Palazzo Pubblico, and climb the 503 steps to the top of its medieval Torre del Mangia to take photos of the stunning views.
Opening hours: The Torre del Mangia is open daily from 10am – 7pm from mid-March until the end of October. It’s open between 10am and 4pm from November until mid-March, and from 12pm until 4pm on New Year’s Day. It’s closed on Christmas Day.

Other attractions in Siena include:

  • the Duomo – this medieval cathedral features a façade by Giovanni Pisano, and the many works of art housed inside include a statue of St. John the Baptist by Donatello and a pulpit by Nicola Pisano.
  • the Ospedale di Santa Maria della Scala – dating back to the 800s, this building was used as a hospital until the 1980s. It now houses some wonderful works of art and the city’s Museo Archeologico (Archaeological Museum).
  • the Museo dell’Opera Metropolitana – this museum is housed in what was supposed to be the new nave of the Duomo. It includes some wonderful works by artists such as Duccio, Giovanni Pisano, Donatello and Ambrogio Lorenzetti.
  • Enoteca Italiana in the Fortezza Medicea - a must for all wine lovers. You can see the cellars, which hold more than a thousand of the Italy’s different wines, learn all you want to know about wine or have a drink in the wine bar. However, don’t drink if you’re going to be driving your Milan hire car – you can always buy a few bottles of wine to enjoy later!

    Directions: To get to Siena from Milan by car, take the A1 partial toll road for Tangenziale Ovest/E35/Bologna out of Milan, and follow it for about 296km. Take the Firenze-Certosa exit to get onto the toll road and take the first exit at the roundabout onto Raccordo Autostradale Siena-Firenze. Follow this road for about 55km, and continue straight on, onto the Superstrada Firenze-Siena and then onto the Tangenziale Siena Ovest. Take the exit signposted for Siena. Follow the signs into the centre of Siena.