Rental Qualifications & Requirements

Last update 5th June 2017

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Documents Needed

You will need to present 3 documents at the rental counter:

PASSPORT Your valid passport or ID card (Roman script) as a proof of identity.
A valid European driver's licence (Roman script) which you have held for at least 1 year. If you do not have one you must provide an international driving licence or we will not be able to rent to you.
CREDIT CARD You must provide a Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express) at the start of the rental so that we can carry out the pre-authorization process explained in Methods of Payment below. You can, however, use a valid Debit Card (VISA or MasterCard, except VISA Electron or those marked “for electronic use only”) to settle your invoice at the end of the rental.

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Age Requirements

You need to be at least 21 years old the day your rental starts. If you are aged 21 to 24 years (inclusive), we will apply an additional Young Driver Fee to cover the higher insurance risk we incur for this category of driver. If applicable, we will automatically apply this fee to your quote once you have told us your age during the booking process.

FRANCE 21 21-24 years old (inclusive) 30.-€ 300.-€

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Out of Hours Pick-Up

If your flight arrives late, out of hours pick-up is available if you show at the counter no later than 60 minutes after Rental Office closing hours and have provided your flight details. An additional service fee will apply as follows: 

30 €

If you show at the counter later than 60 minutes after Rental Office closing hours and have not provided your flight details, your vehicle will be available for collection during Rental Office opening hours next day. 

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Driving abroad

Travelling abroad with a Firefly vehicle is not permitted.

It is absolutely forbidden to drive the vehicle outside of France. If you do so, you will be in breach of contract and you will be fully responsible for all resulting costs and expenses we incur as a result, including the cost of repatriation of the vehicle. In addition, your insurance and waiver products will be void in these territories.

Exceptionally, Firefly will authorize your travel to Spain (excluding the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla) or Italy.

An additional charge to cover extra Road Assistance costs will be applied:

FRANCE 60.-€

Please note that you must return the vehicle to the location you rented it from.

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One-Way Rentals (not available)

Firefly does not provide One-way rentals (where you rent the vehicle in one place and drop it in another).

You must return the vehicle to the location you rented it from, if you don’t respect this condition you will be charge of 300 €.

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Vehicle Group Policy

Although we have a wide variety of vehicles, specific brands, models or fuel cannot be guaranteed. The vehicle images shown on our website are examples of the most representative vehicle model in a certain car group and may be substituted by any other similar vehicle within the same vehicle group. We adhere to ACRISS, which sets worldwide standards for which vehicles can be considered part of each vehicle group.

In case of damage or accident we will provide you with a similar vehicle from within the group you booked or, if no similar vehicles are available within that group, a vehicle from a superior group for no extra charge or compensate you if no suitable vehicle is available.

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Late Pick-up

If your flight arrives late, out of hours pick-up is available if you show at the counter no later than 60 minutes after Rental Office closing hours and have provided your flight details. An additional service fee will apply as follows: .


If you arrive once the location is closed, your vehicle will be available the next day.

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Traffic Fines and Penalties

You are responsible for payment of any fines and charges (including for traffic violations, speeding fines, parking fines, private parking charges, road tolls, congestion or other charges) imposed on the vehicle during your rental.

If the vehicle you are driving incurs a fine or charge, the relevant authority will contact us to identify the driver of the vehicle at the time of the incident. Our staff process these communications, identify the renter and communicate back to the authorities before informing the renter via email or post.

To recover our administration costs for this process we apply an Administration Charge of 19.99 € to the renter.

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Mileage policy

You are allowed to drive 300 kilometers per day with a maximum of 3600 kilometers per rental.

In case of extra kilometer driven, the customer will be charged following the grid below per car group.

Car Group per Xkms inc VAT
Mini (MBMR)
Economy (ECMR) and Compact (CDMR)
People Carrier (IVMR)

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Firefly provides insurance and waiver products to cover the principal risks you incur when driving the vehicle. These may be included in your rate or available as optional extra products. Key benefits, limitations and exclusions for these products are summarised below:

Included In Your Rate

- Third Party Insurance

Protects you or any authorized driver against claims from any other person (including your passengers) for death, injury or damage to property if you have an accident.

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- Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) & Theft Protection (TP)

These two waivers reduce your financial liability to us for damage to, or loss of, the vehicle, its parts and accessories to the applicable Non-Waivable Excess (‘NWE’) , as follows.

Car Group NWE (Maximum liability)
in case of damage CDW in case of theft TP
Mini (MBMR) and Economy (ECMR) EUR 1200 EUR 1500
Compact (CDMR) EUR 1600 EUR 2000
People Carrier (IVMR) EUR 1800 EUR 2500

The NWE is the maximum amount we will charge you for loss or damage (even if the vehicle is stolen or cannot even be repaired) unless one of the Limitations & Exclusions apply (such as if you are in breach of our Rental Terms), in which case your liability will be up to the full value of the vehicle.

• Impact with a fixed or moving object (e.g. damage caused if you have an accident).
• Loss of control of the vehicle.
• Natural events, such as snow, hail, flood or rock fall.
• Fire caused by vehicle defect, including electrical fault, or from adjacent fire or explosion, criminal or terrorism acts.
• Tyres and window damage caused by objects on or thrown up from the road.
• Damage caused by breaking and entering the vehicle.
• Attempted theft of the vehicle or its accessories (e.g. radio).
• Vandalism (e.g. bent aerial, broken mirror).
• Theft of the vehicle.

You can reduce your maximum liability to us to zero by taking SuperCover (see below).

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Optional Products

- SuperCover

This option reduces your maximum liability to us for damage to or loss of the vehicle to €0 (zero). So, if you want to avoid any bad surprise during your rental and would like to completely forget about the maximum NWE liability for CDW and TP, you should take SuperCover. In addition:

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS - SUPERCOVER • Completely waives any excess mileage cost in locations where limited mileage applies.
• Covers all costs which are not included in our basic breakdown service (see Roadside Assistance Policy for details).
• Limits the amount of credit card pre-authorization we will take at the start of the rental (see Payment). As you will not be liable for damage to the vehicle, you will not need to have funds available on your card to cover the Non-Waivable Excess (NWE) for CDW or TP (see above).
• Waive your responsibility to us for any damage administration charge that would otherwise be payable.

SuperCover is available at all Firefly locations and can be purchased at the time of pick-up or pre-booked on this website at the following prices:

Mini (MBMR) and Economy (ECMR) 57€ 19€ 95€ 19€
Compact (CDMR) 66€ 22€ 110€ 22€
People Carrier (IVMR) 72€ 24€ 120€ 24€

- Glass & Tyres

As a cheaper alternative to SuperCover, we offer you Glass & Tyres, which eliminates your responsibility for the Non-Waivable Excess otherwise applicable for damage to the windows (including sunroof) and tyres (including flat tyres) – some of the most frequently damaged parts of the vehicle. Glass & Tyres is a good option for cost conscious customers who want to eliminate at least partially their potential liability for damage.


- Personal Insurance (PI)

This is an optional insurance product which provides cover for all occupants of the vehicle for death, injury and medical expenses arising from an accident and damage to or loss of personal possessions in the vehicle.


Please see below for a brief summary of our insurance policy:

Section A - Personal Accident:

Death 40.000.-€ 20.000.-€
Permanent total disablement 75.000.-€ 37.500.-€
Loss of sight of one or both eyes 30.000.-€ 15.000.-€
Loss of one or more limbs 30.000.-€ 15.000.-€

Please note that no excess applies to Section A.

Section B – Medical and Emergency Expenses:

Emergency Expenses 250.-€
Medical Expenses 600.-€

Please note that an excess of EUR 50.00 per insured person will apply for Medical Expenses.

Section C – Additional Hospital Benefit:

50.-€ for each full 24 hours that an insured person is an in-patient in a hospital. 1.000.-€

Please note that no excess applies to Section C.

Section D – Personal Effects:

Personal Effects Limit 2.000.-€
Theft 1.000.-€
Valuables 500.-€
Single item, pair or set of equipment 250.-€

Please note that an excess of EUR 75.00 per insured person will apply for every claim in respect of Section D.

As with any insurance policy, there are exclusions which affect the cover provided. Full details of the cover and conditions are contained in a leaflet that is available from each rental location.

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- Lost Keys and Fuel Coverage

This service allows you to benefit the roadside assistance service in case of tyre puncture, incorrect fuel, running out of fuel, key left in the car or lost, or flat battery.


Limitations & Exclusions

All insurance & waiver products

To the extent allowed under applicable law your insurance and waiver products will be void and no longer protect you if:

• You are in breach of your obligations under the Rental Agreement – see in particular the Rental Restrictions section of the Rental Terms.

• The loss or damage is caused intentionally.

• The driver was not authorised by Firefly as the main or additional driver.

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Waiver products only (CDW, TP, SC, Glass & Tyres)

In addition to the limitations listed above, your waiver products will be void – meaning that your liability to us for damage or loss will not be reduced or eliminated - where you or an authorised driver are grossly negligent (e.g. act in a way they know or should know is likely to cause harm or damage) including in particular in the following circumstances (NB: these are illustrative and non-exhaustive examples):

Failure to assess the vehicle’s height • Striking overhead or overhanging objects.
• Driving into a barrier that is too low for the vehicle to pass beneath.
• Driving into a barrier in a car park before it fully opens.
Driving on unsuitable road conditions • Driving on a road in bad condition without due care resulting in damage to the undercarriage.
• Driving on a beach causing damage by salt water and/ or sand.
• Driving through flooded roads causing damage to the engine.
Improper use of the vehicle • Putting wrong fuel in the vehicle or otherwise contaminating the fuel.
• Damage occurring as a result of ignoring a warning light.
• Burning a clutch (which requires persistent ill use) or using the hand brake incorrectly.
• Damage to the wheel rim caused by driving with a flat tyre.
• Fitting unauthorised objects to the interior or exterior of the vehicle.
• Carrying especially dirty or smelly materials that require extra cleaning costs or that damage or burn the interior.
Contribution to damage to/ theft of the vehicle • Damage resulting from locking the keys in the vehicle or losing the keys.
• Damage resulting from leaving the windows open.
• Loss of the vehicle caused by failure to use the anti-theft system (if provided).
• Loss of the vehicle when you are unable to return the keys.

Additional limitations:

Accessories Our waivers do not extend to any accessories (e.g. GPS units, Wi-Fi and child seats) you rent. You will be charged for replacement of these items if they are lost or damaged for any reason.
Damage Administration Charges CDW, TP and Glass & Tyres do not reduce or eliminate the damage administration fee that may be applied in case of each event of damage during the rental.
Theft of your possessions Damage to or theft of personal and work-related effects and goods transported in the vehicle are not covered by our waivers. You can buy cover for personal effects that you own by taking Personal Insurance (PI).

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Personal Insurance (PI) only

Cover is provided as fixed lump sum payments subject to small applicable excesses and may be void if you are in breach of your obligations under the Rental Agreement unless you can show the incident was totally unconnected with the breach. Exclusions include:

• Loss of or damage to certain items, including jewellery, cash, animals, work related items and cargo.
• Stolen items where the vehicle was not locked or they were left in plain sight or overnight in the vehicle.
• Pre-existing illnesses or medical conditions.

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Third Party Insurance Products

Please note that if you purchase damage insurance (e.g. excess waiver insurance) from a third party, you will remain contractually responsible to us for any damage arising from your rental. You will need to pay us for the amount of damage charged (plus an administration charge) and then claim this amount back from your third party insurer to the extent you can under the terms of the policy. If, however, you take our optional SuperCover, you will not have any liability to us for damage, including for any damage administration charge.

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Your Firefly vehicle is provided with a full tank of petrol which is not included in your rental rate. You have three options to manage your fuel needs:

RETURN - FULL TANK If you return with a full tank you have no fuel charges to pay.
Fuel gauges may still indicate that the tank is “full” many miles after it was last re-filled. To deal with this practically, we ask you to refill the tank within 10 miles/ 15 km of the return location and bring your fuel receipt with you when returning the vehicle. If you do not do so, we reserve the right to apply a small charge of 10€.
RETURN – TANK NOT FULL If you do not refill the tank, we will refill it for you and charge you for the fuel used at our current fuel price based on official pump rates. We will also apply a Refuelling Service Charge of € 18. We will print the current fuel price on your Rental Agreement when you pick up the vehicle.
FUEL PURCHASE OPTION (FPO) For your convenience, you may purchase a tank of fuel from Firefly at the time of rental at a price that is competitive compared to local fuel stations. This option eliminates the need for you to refill the tank yourself. As long as you use a significant portion of the fuel in the tank it will be more affordable than leaving us to refill the tank for you. Please note: we are unable to give a refund for unused fuel..

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Child Seats / Booster Seats

Child safety seats are mandatory in the following cases: Children under 1,35 meters tall.

We provide Toddler (suitable for 9 months – 6 years old children) and Booster (suitable for 6 – 11 years old children) child seats for an additional charge as below. Please book your child seats in advance on our website.

FRANCE 8,00 € 56,00 €

Please note:

1. Due to security regulations Firefly is not allowed to install child seats on your behalf, so you will be responsible for installation in accordance with the instructions provided.
2. If a child seat is damaged during your rental you will be charged a replacement fee of 75.-€ (in addition to the child seat rental fee). This charge is not covered by SuperCover.

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You can either pre-book your GPS unit online or ask for it over the counter. Please note that in case you decide to pre-book it will always be subject to availability, but you will have preference versus those customers that have not pre-booked. GPS fees are as follows:

FRANCE 15.-€ 105.-€

Please note: In the event of damage or loss, you will be liable for a replacement fee up to 300€. This charge is not covered by SuperCover.

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Mobile WIFI

You can either pre-book your Wifi unit online or ask for it over the counter. Please note that in case you decide to pre-book it will always be subject to availability, but you will have preference versus those customers that have not pre-booked. Wifi fees are as follows:

FRANCE 14.-€ 210-€

Please note: In the event of damage or loss, you will be liable for a replacement fee up to 200€. This charge is not covered by SuperCover.

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Additional Drivers

Additional drivers can be added to your Rental Agreement when you collect your vehicle. They need to be present at pick-up time and we will need to review their driving licences. As with your own vehicle insurance policy, an additional charge will apply per driver. We may authorize a maximum of 4 additional drivers for each Rental Agreement.


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Firefly Fast Track

We are proud to offer this Priority Check-in service online at selected airports (*). If you choose to purchase Fast Track, you will collect your vehicle at a dedicated area, skipping the queue. Fast Track, however, is much more than just jumping the queue, as it intends to get you on your way in a fraction of the standard time. To enjoy the full benefits of Fast Track you should:

• Fully pre-register your details online - our booking process will take you to the web form where you can input all required information in advance.

• Purchase SuperCover - so we don’t need to take time to tell you about your liability for damages and our damage inspection policy.

FRANCE 40.-€

*Available today in Marseille and Nice airports.

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Inclusions & Exclusions

If your vehicle breaks down or you have an accident, Firefly provides a free, but basic, Roadside Assistance service to all customers, as follows:

INCLUDED • a toll free line available 24/7
• unlimited change-over of vehicles at the closest Firefly/Hertz location
• cost of taxis(or any other type of transport) to reach the closest Firefly location. Our Road Assistance partner will assist you to find the most convenient and affordable option. The financial participation is limited to 500 € *
EXCLUDED** (no free road assistance and no free taxi in the following cases) • Wrong fuel (you are responsible to refuel the vehicle with the correct type of fuel)
• Low battery (you are responsible to check and preserve the energy level of the battery)
• Flat Tire (you are responsible to change the tire by yourself using the provided spare tire kit)
• No Key (you are responsible to keep in a safe place the keys avoiding losses & thefts )

*The financial participation is limited to 500 €, provided you comply with the terms and conditions of rental, and on the French territory only.
The followings costs are excluded and will be charged to the renter: towing in case of tyre puncture, towing in case of incorrect fuel, running out of fuel, key left in the car or lost, flat battery. No delivery of a vehicle.

**You can subscribe to the « Premium emergency roadside assistance » by which you will benefit from the emergency roadside assistance for the above exclusions. Price per day :10 €


When you pick-up your Firefly vehicle, we will provide you with our Roadside Assistance phone number, which will be available to you 24 hours a day during your rental. This number will also be present in the car documents wallet and displayed in the vehicle, for your convenience.

If you have a breakdown or accident, you should promptly call Roadside Assistance, who will evaluate the situation and, if necessary, arrange for the vehicle to be repaired on the spot or towed to an approved garage as close as possible to your location. If we are unable to repair the vehicle on the spot a substitute vehicle will be provided at the closest Firefly rental location.


Please note:

1. If the vehicle is stolen or vandalised, you must immediately inform respective authorities about this incident (for example, local police). You must also provide a signed copy of the incident report within 48 hours.

2. It is forbidden to attempt to repair the vehicle yourself or arrange for repair other than through the Roadside Assistance service or the Firefly location. If you repair the vehicle at your own expense without our consent, Firefly will not refund any repair cost to you and, more importantly, you will be in breach of the terms and conditions of our Rental Agreement and will be liable to us for any costs we incur as a result of your action.


Your responsibility for damage to the vehicle is set out at the Vehicle Care section of the Rental Terms. This policy covers how we assess and charge for damage and how we deal with any disputes relating to damage assessed.

Vehicle Inspection

We will provide a summary of any damage on the Vehicle Condition Report (VCR) at the start of the rental. Please check to make sure it is correct. We will also inspect the vehicle on your return and provide a VCR to record any new damage.

At peak times you should allow 20 to 30 minutes to complete the inspection with our staff and agree any damage. If you don’t have time to do this any new damage will be assessed in your absence.


1. We will not charge for fair wear and tear, which means “ordinary wear due to reasonable use” and includes minor scratches and chips, small dents and normal wear on tyre treads and wiper blades. Exact criteria can vary from country to country – check the back of your VCR for details.

2. Hidden damage: some damage will not be apparent on post-rental inspection, such as damage caused to inaccessible parts of the vehicle (e.g. the engine, fuel tank or clutch) or hidden by adverse light or weather conditions. If we find any such damage we will notify you, with evidence, before we charge you.

Damage Assessment and charging

There are three common scenarios for damage incurred during a rental:

Simple damage – agreed on return For simple damage agreed with you on return, we will charge you in line with our damage matrix (see below) and include the cost in your final invoice.
Simple damage – not agreed because you are not present If you are not present on return, but the damage is simple, our counter staff will evaluate the charge using the damage matrix, notify you by mail/ email and charge you through the final invoice. We aim to complete this within 24 hours of the end of the rental. We will shortly amend this process to ensure that you are notified of the damage at least seven days before we charge your credit card.
Significant damage If the damage is significant and is not covered by the damage matrix we will refer it to our damage assessors for evaluation. They will write to you identifying the damage and the charge, with evidence, seven days before charging your credit card. We aim to complete this assessment in 30 to 60 days.

Damage matrix

We aim to deal with simple damage in a quick and practical way by using our damage matrix. This contains the average cost of repairing the most common and minor damage based on the costs of body repair shops for parts and labour.

Notification, evidence and charging

We will provide evidence of any damage charge we make, which should include: (i) the Rental Agreement number, date and return location, (ii) a damage appraisal from a repair body shop and/ or the invoice for the repairs, and (iii) a signed VCR, any Accident Report Form, photographs of the damage in situ and of the odometer.

We will also add an Administration Charge of €50 to the damage assessment to cover our administrative costs for identifying, assessing and documenting the damage and providing you with sufficient evidence.


Please note the following options available to you if you dispute the damage charges assesses by us:

1. If you dispute a damage charge we will send full information, including any arguments and supporting evidence you provide, to our Collections Department , who will re-evaluate the case. If they agree with you, no charge will be made or you will be refunded in whole or in part. If they do not agree, they will proceed to collect the sum invoiced.

2. If you are not satisfied with our assessment, you can contact our Customer Relations Department , who will review the matter in full, refunding you as appropriate if they disagree with any charge made. They aim to deal with all customer contacts within 14 days.

3. If we are still unable to resolve the matter to your satisfaction we will refer you, where possible, to an independent adjudicator, whose decision will be binding on us.

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Early Return

If you return the vehicle more than 24 hours earlier than the time stated in the Rental Agreement we will refund you the applicable portion (i.e.: any full 24 hours period) of your rental rate and any other optional coverage of services taken.

Late Return

Our rental rates are calculated based on 24-hour periods starting from the beginning of the rental.

We allow you to return your vehicle up to 30 minutes (our “grace period”) after the agreed time specified in your Rental Agreement without incurring an extra fee. If you exceed this grace period you will be charged an extra day´s rental at the current daily rate for each additional 24 hour period you have the vehicle. This applies to your rental rate and any other optional coverage, service or fee included in your Rental Agreement.

If you fail to agree with the renting location that you can extend your rental term you will be charged an additional Late Return Charge of 30.00€ on top of the daily rate mentioned above to compensate us in part for the costs we incur in finding an alternative vehicle to satisfy the next booking for your vehicle plus our administration costs in contacting you to return the vehicle.

Out of Hours Return

Some of our locations allow you to return the vehicle outside opening hours – with their permission - provided you comply with their instructions on how to return the vehicle, rental documents and keys.

Please note that although we will not charge you an extra fee for this service, you will remain fully responsible for the vehicle until the location reopens and we locate the vehicle.


Methods of Payment

Although we identify anticipated charges at the start of the rental and reserve credit on your credit card to cover these (see below) we do not take payment from you until the end. This is because there are a number of uncertain or unexpected costs that may arise during the course of the rental that we are unable to estimate on pick-up (see Potential Additional Charges below). Your payment options are as follows:

CREDIT CARD We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express.
DEBIT CARD We accept embossed VISA or MasterCard but do not accept Electron cards or those authorized for electronic use only.
CASH Firefly does not accept cash as payment under any circumstances.

If you do not have a valid credit card we will accept your debit card when you pick up your vehicle. However, as we cannot reserve credit to potential damage or lack of fuel then we will need to hire the Super Cover (per day of rental) and a fuel tank at the start of the rental. We will refund the value of the unused fuel at the end of the rental unless we have otherwise agreed with you.

Reservation of Credit

You must provide a valid credit card in the driver´s name when you pick up the vehicle. We will reserve credit on your card (i.e. block credit so that it is unavailable for your use) to an amount that covers the anticipated cost of your rental, including all the options you have taken, a full tank of fuel (in case the vehicle is returned empty) and a sum to cover a portion of the Non-Waivable Excess that you may be responsible for if the vehicle is damaged during your rental (see Insurance & Waivers above) unless you have taken SuperCover to eliminate your potential liability to us for damage.

In summary, you should ensure that your credit card has available funds at the start of the rental, as follows: .

With Super cover 1 day rental: 260€ + 40€ per additional day 1 day rental: 320€ + 40€ per additional day
No Super Cover above rules + 600€ additional pre-authorisation

Please note: we will immediately release the credit authorization on receipt of payment at the end of your rental, although this can take up to 15 days depending on the banking institution before the reservation is finally released. This is completely outside our control and although we will try to assist you, you may need to contact your banking institution if case you experience delays.

Potential Additional Charges

Typical additional charges that may arise as a result of your use of the vehicle, and which cannot be estimated in advance, include the following items (each explained in full elsewhere in these terms):

FUEL Did you refuel the car in full or not? If not, a Refueling Service Charge may apply.

EXTRAS DAYS Did you return the car within the time stated on your Rental Agreement? If you were late, extras days may be charged, plus a Late Return Charge to cover our administration costs.

EXTRA MILEAGE Did you drive more miles than the maximum included in your rate? If so, additional mileage charges may apply if you took a limited mileage rate.

DAMAGE Did the vehicle suffered any damage during the course of the rental? You are responsible for damage incurred (subject to any applicable waiver of your liability and a damage administration charge.)

BREAKDOWN Did you incur any towing costs as a result of a breakdown which are not covered in our basic breakdown service?

FINES Did the vehicle incur a fine or other charge by any traffic or parking authorities while in your possession? If so, we will pass on the charge plus an administration charge to cover our costs. .

FUEL If you return with a full tank you have no fuel charges to pay.

Fuel gauges may still indicate that the tank is “full” many miles after it was last re-filled. To deal with this practically, we ask you to refill the tank within 10 miles/ 15 km of the return location and bring your fuel receipt with you when returning the vehicle. If you do not do so, we reserve the right to apply a small charge of 10€.

WRONG FUEL Did you refill the tank correctly? In the event of refueling the vehicle with incorrect fuel a wrong fuel fee will incurred (480 €)

SPECIAL CLEANING Did you return the vehicle in the same conditions as received? If returning the vehicle in dirt state (outside & inside) a special cleaning fee will incurred (50 €)

KEY LOSS Did you lose vehicle keys? If so, a key loss fee will incurred (480 €)

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

DCC is an optional service that provides foreign rental charges in your home currency. All Firefly locations offer this convenient service.

When you use your credit card to pay for transactions abroad you generally pay in local (i.e. foreign) currency. Your credit card company then converts the charges you paid into your home currency, if different, and shows them on your credit card statement.

DCC replaces the currency conversion normally carried out by your credit card company with a service provided by our acquiring bank, who convert the charges using a competitive rate of exchange for the day you receive your rental receipt. The charges for your rental will then appear on your rental invoice in your home currency rather than in the local currency of the rental location. Commission level will be at 3%.

We will ask you at the start of the rental if you wish to see your rental charges in your home currency (through DCC) or in local currency:

DCC will apply and we will make the conversion at the rental location. Your invoice will show your rental charges in your home currency, the exchange rate used (including a conversion fee) and the original charges in local (i.e. foreign) currency. The home currency charges will then be sent to your credit card company and will appear on your credit card statement. If you choose to receive your rental charges in local (i.e. foreign) currency, your invoice will show your rental charges in the currency of the rental location. These charges will be sent to your credit card company which will convert them into your home currency and post them to your credit card statement indicating the rate of exchange used. Many credit card companies charge a fee for this service.

Your choice will be recorded on your Rental Agreement. We will ask you to confirm your choice when you return the vehicle and your final selection will be recorded in your Statement of Charges.

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Changes to Reservation

You can change your booking on our website through the "Modify/ Cancel a Reservation" link.

Changing a booking is completely free of charge however if you change any of the elements that drive our rental rate calculations, namely pick-up location, date and time of pick-up, date and time of return and category of vehicle, a new rate will be calculated and applied to your booking according to these changes. Also, we cannot guarantee availability as a result of these changes.

Note: the name of the customer in the original booking cannot be changed. If you need to do so, please cancel your original booking and create a new one.

Changes at Pick Up

If at the time of pick-up you wish to rent a larger vehicle or want to modify any element of your booking, you may do so. Our rental agent will re-quote your original booking based on the changes you want to make. This is obviously subject to availability and may result in higher charges than those previously calculated and communicated when you booked.

Rental Not Taken (No Show Fee)

If you decide not to pick up your pre-booked vehicle without making a cancellation, Firefly reserves the right to apply a No Show Fee of 40.- € to compensate us for our loss of rental income and the costs we incur by preparing the vehicle and documentation ready for your arrival.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions or problems during your rental (e.g. to change the return time or place) you can email the location at any time using the email address provided on the Rental Agreement or alternatively fill in our Customer Query Form present in the Customer Support section of our website. You can also raise any issues arising from the rental with our location staff on return.

Independent Advice


If we are unable to resolve an issue to your satisfaction you can contact the European Car Rental Conciliation Service (ECRCS) provided you are an EU resident and you were renting in a different EU country.

The ECRCS is an independent conciliation service staffed by people who understand the car rental industry. They review any complaints against a Code of Conduct for car rental companies, prepared by Leaseurope on behalf of the industry, which we have signed up to. If a company has acted outside the requirements of the Code, the ECRCS will automatically find against them. Otherwise, they will decide on the merits of the case. We will comply with the decision of the ECRCS.

You can contact the ECRCS at or visit their website at

Other Options

Alternatively, if your issue is not eligible for the ECRCS, but concerns a European country, you can seek online dispute resolution (ODR) through or contact the European Consumer Centres Network (www.ECC-Net) to get more information about your rights.

You are, of course, free to continue to seek redress through any other means, such as through the courts, if you remain unsatisfied.

Code of Conduct

All our practices are developed in accordance with the provisions of the legislation and the Code of Conduct of the National Federation of Business Rental Car without Driver (FENEVAL). See this code at your rental location.


You have the right to access, correct and / or request removal of personal information we hold about you.

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending your request to Director, Privacy Services, Hertz Europe Service Centre, Swords Business Park, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland. and, in each case enclosing a photocopy of your identity card, passport or equivalent document.


Most of the vehicles used by us are owned by a Hertz Company, RAC Finance SAS, and are pledged by RAC Finance SAS in favour of various financial entities and their successors and assignees in accordance with articles 2333 et seq. of the French Civil Code. We have been appointed as third party holder of the pledge in accordance with article 2337 of the French Civil Code. As a result, you will return the vehicle to us as third party holder or, if we instruct you otherwise, to any other entity which is appointed to replace us.

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