Rental Qualifications & Requirements

Last update 16 July 2014 (v.20142c)

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24 hours’ notice must be given for bookings. For last minute bookings (subject to availability), please contact +971 4 2060206
These car groups are available on a freesell basis with 24 hours advance reservation. Firefly UAE reserves the right to implement a stop sale when necessary:- Groups B, C, D, J, & K

These car groups are only available on request and require an additional security deposit of AED 6500.00 to be blocked on the renters credit card:- Group L

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Drivers license & Passport requirements

All customers must have been licensed to drive for at least 1 year.

UAE residents (foreign and local) require a UAE driver’s license. Only GCC nationals can drive on their national (local) license. All other renters must present a valid international driving permit (IDP ) together with their national driver's licence at time of rental.

Drivers with the following local country driver’s license can drive in the UAE without an IDP provided they are on a visit or tourist visa, however they must still have been licensed to drive for a min of 1 year: UK, Ireland, USA, Spain, France, Norway, Japan, Turkey, Belgium, Canada, Holland, Poland, Switzerland, Korea, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Greece, Romania & Austria

Please note that visitors from South Korea, Japan, Turkey and Greece are requested to have a translation of their licenses approved by their Consulate  or embassy.

In the event that no IDP is available or if an IDP is available but no national driver's licence is available then we will not be able to rent.

All customers must present a valid passport in Roman alphabet at the time of rental, as proof of identification. Customers from the GCC countries are required to present original passport copy . GCC identification cards are not accepted. For vehicle group L an original passport is mandatory and must be presented at the Firefly counter. Passports must also be carried along when driving the rented vehicle.

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MINIMUM renter age is 21 years for car groups B,C,D and 25 years for all other car groups. There is NO MAXIMUM age limit.

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Young Driver Surcharge

No rentals are permitted for drivers under the age of 21 years.

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Additional Driver

Extra drivers will be charged at AED100.00 per driver, per rental.

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Baby/Infant Seats

On request,  subject to availability. Per seat, per rental.

Per day Per week Per month
AED 25.00 AED 140.00 AED 375.00

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Delivery & Collection

During office hours - On request only. AED 150 per delivery or collection within the city limits. Any delivery/collection outside city limits is subject to request and quote based on the distance

Outside office hours - On request only. Any delivery/collection outside of office hours is subject to request and quote based on the distance

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Out of hours

There is no after hours surcharge

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Refueling Service Charge

Cars are supplied with a FULL tank of fuel. Should renters return the car less than FULL, Firefly will charge for the cost of fuel plus a Refueling Service Charge.

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III. Car Insurance and Extensions

Third Party Liability

For 3rd party personal: unlimited liability applies.
For 3rd party property: liability is limited to US$1 million.

3rd party liability charges are included in the rates.

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Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

In the event of any damage to the car occurring during of renting period, all customers MUST obtain a police report. The following Insurance Excess will apply.

  • Excess for all groups: is AED1500.00
CDW charges are included in the rates.

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Theft Protection (TP)

In the event of theft of the rental vehicle, its parts or accessories, during the renting period, the following Insurance Excess will apply.

  • Excess for all groups is AED 1500.00
TP charges are included in the rates.

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Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW or Super Cover)

SCDW can be purchased for the following amounts. For all accidents, customers MUST obtain a Police report. No Excess liability is applicable.

Group Per day Per week Per month
B,C & D AED 35 AED 130 AED 275
E,J K & L AED 40 AED 150 AED 400

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Personal Insurance (PI)

Personal Insurance is available at the rental location. This is charged per driver, per rental

Per day Per week Per month
AED 25.00 AED 110.00 AED 350.00

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Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

Option available at the counter

Per day Per week Per month
AED 25.00 AED 110.00 AED 350.00

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IV. Renting Period

The minimum renting period is 1 day (24 hours) from pick-up.

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Driving into foreign countries

The renter can drive a Firefly vehicle into Oman ONLY.  The charge shown below is to cover additional insurance as required by Oman regulations. A minimum of 48 hours prior notice is required, to issue the Oman Insurance certificate.

Per day Per week
AED 110 AED 475

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One way rentals

Domestic – Customers should confirm timings/location at time of reservation or check-out. Rent it here – leave it there (RIH-LIT) strictly allowed between the UAE branches only.

International - Vehicles cannot be checked-in (returned) outside of UAE

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Roadside Assistance

Firefly provides 24/7 roadside assistance   

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After hours surcharge

You must return the rental vehicle during normal opening hours of rental location.
If you return the vehicle outside business hours, you must comply with our instructions for returning out of hours and you will remain fully responsible for the vehicle the rental location reopens. In case you fail to follow these instructions you will remain responsible for the vehicle until we can have access to it.

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Grace Period

A one day rental means 24 hours from pick-up. Any customers returning cars outside this time will be given 29 minutes grace, after which they will be subject to an additional day's charge.

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VI. Fees and Charges


Firefly will take a pre-authorization from the customer's credit card as a security deposit to cover the rental charges and any additional costs incurred by the renter. There must be sufficient credit on your card to cover all charges. The amount to be blocked will be as follows:

Group Security Deposit
B, C, D, E, J & K AED 1500.00 + Approximate Rental Charges*
L AED 7500 .00 + Approximate Rental Charges

*For monthly rentals (30+ days), the Rental Charge will be equivalent to one month’s rental

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Road Tolls

Since July 1st 2007 there are road tolls (Salik) in Dubai.  Firefly will charge AED 5 per crossing of a toll point. Please note this is NOT included in the approximate charges.

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Fines and Penalties

Traffic Fines are charged directly to the Customer.  An Additional Admin Charge (10%) for Traffic violation/ fines e.g. Parking / Speeding tickets, will apply.

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A credit card in the main driver's name is mandatory for all reservations.

Firefly accepts most major credit cards including American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, JCB and Visa. A valid credit card is required as security in order to collect a hire vehicle.
Debit cards can only be used for payments made at the rental counter in the UAE at the end of the rental.

Cash or charge card deposits will not be accepted.

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1. The basic rental rate is for a minimum of one day's rent (the period of 24 hours from the start time of rental) and includes a fee for:
- Unlimited-Mileage for rentals less than 30 days; monthly rentals (30+ days) include 4000km free per month, AED0.40 per km thereafter.
- Location Service Charge (LSC)
- Vehicle License Fee (VLF)
- Third Party Insurance.
- Collision Damage Waiver.
- Theft Protection.

- All local taxes and supplements.

2. Additional charges may include:
- Personal insurance
- Super Coverage.
- Loss of or damage to the vehicle.
- Child Seats and other extras.
- Additional driver fee (see Additional Drivers)
- Fuel Charges (see Fuel)
- Late return fee,
- Road tolls.
- Charges or fines resulting from traffic violations or improper parking during the rental period (see Fines and Penalties)
- Vehicle Monitoring Device (VMD) Fee - it is a legal requirement that every Dubai registered rented or leased vehicle now requires a VMD. For rentals commencing 1st March 2015 and beyond, a mandatory VMD fee will apply to all rentals to cover the cost of the device, fitment, registration and ongoing data connection. The VMD fees are as follows - Daily: AED4 / Weekly: AED25 / Monthly: AED60

3. All charges are calculated in accordance with our official list of current rates, exposed at all times at your rental location, subject to a final calculation at the end of the rental.

4. The fee will be non-prepaid.

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The currency charge is the Dirham (AED). Tax is 0%

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VII. Cancellation / No show / Changes


Changes online
You can change your booking via the Internet through the "Change / Cancel a booking" page.

If no vehicle is available for the place and date requested, change the date or pick up location and will be happy to change your booking.

Changes at the time of pickup
If you want to change your booking at the time of pickup of the vehicle, for example, to rent a larger vehicle or for a different period of time, we will try to comply, subject to availability, and we will propose a new price in the local currency.


Changes to reservations are permitted. Rates vary depending on availability and the cost of your reservation may change if you amend your booking.


Reservation cancellations are permitted prior to the rental pick-up date. After this time, no-show fees apply.

Please notify the renting location if you will be late picking up your vehicle e.g. due to flight delays. Firefly reserves the right to charge customers a ‘no-show’ fee, equivalent to one days rental, if you fail to collect your vehicle as stated on your reservation.

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Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice